Small Grant Application


1. Bangor Education Foundation small grants are available to support creative and innovative projects in Bangor's ten public schools. Grant round deadlines are September 30, January 31, and April 30.

2. Application packets are available from the school principal or from the Bangor Education Foundation, P.O. Box 1069, Bangor, Maine 04402-1069 or by calling (207) 947-1633.  

3. The application packet consists of a general information form, a list of six questions, and a postcard.

4. Complete the information page.

5. Answer the six questions, typing the question before you provide your answer. 

6. Attach your six answers to the information form, sign the application and forward it to your school principal for approval.  

7. At the time you forward your application to the principal, drop in the mail a postcard notifying the Foundation that your application has been filed.  

8. Submit two copies of the completed application to the

Bangor Education Foundation
Small Grants Committee
P.O. Box 1069
Bangor, Maine 04402-1069

9. We will notify you when we receive your completed application.  

10. Your application will be considered at the next quarterly meeting of the Small Grants Committee following the grant deadline.

11. You should apply at least a full semester ahead of the time period for which you are seeking grant funding.


General Information


Applicant's Name__________________________________________

Home Address____________________________________________

School Address___________________________________________


School Principal's Name____________________________________

Home Phone__________________ School Phone________________

Project Title______________________________________________

Budget Request___________________________________________


One paragraph summary of project:







Applicant's Signature______________________________

Principal's Signature______________________________



Project Description

In addition to filling out the above application, please answer each of the following six questions. Clear, concise answers will be seen as evidence of a well though out presentation. Please repeat each question above your answer and put your name on each page of your answer.

1. What objective does this project address? Why do you think there is a special need for this project?  

2. How will your project be organized? Describe the educational process and use of materials.

3. Give a time schedule for your project.  

4. Who will benefit from this project?  

5. How will you determine whether your objectives have been achieved and whether your project is successful?

6. Detail your budget request. Include specific information such as kinds of materials and equipment needed, sources of supply, honorarium fees, and costs.

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