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A church in the Bangor area celebrates Thanksgiving with a 1621-style service.

"Pilgrims" and "Indians" greet each other. Men sit on one side of the church, women on the other.
The tithingman keeps order and wakes nappers.  Several Mayflower descendants attended the service.
The pastor's sermon was a condensed version of a 45-minute sermon first delivered in 1621, and the music was from a seventeenth-century hymnal. And then the feast!  Venison, partridge, pumpkin soup, wild rice, and cornbread accompanied the "traditional" turkey, cranberries, and pies.

Church members and their guests decided:

Dressing up in costumes is fun.
Velcro, elastic, and safety pins are wonderful inventions.
We learned about the history of our church.
We learned some things about American history.
Seventeenth-century music sounds pretty, but strange.
Many people in Maine are Mayflower descendants.
We like short sermons.
We should have more feasts!

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