Great guns!  Have you ever noticed how many military weapons there are in the Bairnet region?   For example:

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This cannon was on one of
Commodore Saltonstall's
sloops of war blown up
.in Bangor's harbor during
the ill-fated Penobscot
Expedition in August, 1776.
It was recovered in August, 1876.

Now mounted in Kenduskeag
Plaza in downtown Bangor, this
Spanish cannon was at
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, until
it was removed during the
Spanish-American War.

These Civil War era cannons
protect the University of
Maine campus from invaders
on the Stillwater River -- or
perhaps the Boston University
hockey team?

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This is one of several big guns
at Fort Knox, which was built to
protect the Penobscot River from
invaders after the War of 1812.
None of these guns has ever
been fired in war.
Young tourists man this gun
at Fort Knox State Park.

This Navy gun found in Milford was manufactured in 1899;  it must resemble the guns which were on
the U.S.S. Maine and other Navy
ships of the Spanish American War.

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