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May is Fiddlehead time!

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During May, you can find fiddleheads
at grocery stores, or
roadside stands, or,
if you know someone who knows a place,
you can pick your own.
Fiddleheads are the early sprouts of a fern
found only in certain places, at certain times,
in northern New England.
Curled-up fronds, they resemble the business end
of a fiddle.
They taste a bit like asparagus, a bit like artichoke,
and wholly like the arrival of spring.

Rinse them clean of brown husks,
break off the stems,
boil them for about fifteen minutes,
and serve them with::

salt, pepper, butter, and vinegar, to taste
raspberry viniagrette
Hollandaise sauce
aioli sauce
orange sauce
lemon butter

or whatever your imagination
and cooking ability can come up with.

stems.jpg (13622 bytes)
plate.jpg (23801 bytes) But shop quickly,
and enjoy to the fullest.
Fiddleheads are only available
for about three weeks,
depending on the weather,
and they're only good fresh, in season.

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