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What time is it?
To find out, we looked for some clocks in downtown Bangor.

Bank clocks used to give a digital readout of the time.  It gave one a sense of cold, efficient accuracy -- just what you want in a bank statement, but not what you want in a teller's face!

We prefer this friendlier-looking clock at a local bank because it hints of old-fashioned courtesy and integrity.  And helpfulness, too; this clock helpfully gives us the temperature as well as the time.
Church clocks tend to be very high up, so you have to crane your neck to see them.  The four faces of this antique clock are made of wood.  One clock controls all four faces. 

This clock is so high up that the wind sometimes moves the hands, making the clock faces slow or fast.  To adjust the time, someone has to climb high into the steeple and reach out through a small door hidden in each clock face .  It's even more complicated than adjusting the clock on my car dashboard!

This clock at the Maine Discovery Museum always gives passers-by pause.  It  has to be the most unusual clock in Bangor, if not in Maine.  Its unique design promises museum visitors creativity, surprise, joy, knowledge, and adventure. 

The clock is nearly always right, too.  Probably more so than my dashboard clock...

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