Pictures of the Week
Culturefest 98
at the University of Maine in Orono

International Week kicked off on Saturday, October 31 at UMO.

International students and their friends prepared fantastic foods from their home countries. It was later followed by a talent show. Check the University Master Calendar at
UMaine Master Calendar for more details on the scheduled activities.

Here are some keepsakes from this Culturefest. BAIRNET thanks the participants in these pictures:

Welcome to the Philippines...

Greetings from the Canadian Center.

Want to have fun with our Iranian friends?

Visiting the Iranian table.

Do you want to go to France?

Would you like "coq au vin"?

How about some Thai food?

Indian table

Mideastern table.

Greek table

We have lots of documentation on Cyprus.

Would you like your name written in Chinese?

Japanese table.

This song is dedicated to my friends in the Philippines.

The talent show hosts did a splendid presentation.

Mideast dance.

Philippino dance

Final touch with the American hymn.

Come back next year?

You can count on ME!....

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