A Decade of High-Level Discourse
on Education Issues



BEF looks back with pride on its 10-year record of attracting leading thinkers and policy makers to Bangor for provocative public forums on the issue of public education. Starting shortly after its founding in 1987, BEF has fostered and encouraged the community dialogue with symposia on such important topics as ethics in education, business-school alliances and school reform. Since the first forum in October, 1988, BEF's Public Forum Series has featured such education luminaries as:

Rushworth Kidder
President, Camden-based Institute for Global Ethics

Edward Meade
CEO, Ford Foundation

Ernest Boyer
President, Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching

Michael Josephson
President, Josephson Institute for the Advancement of Ethics

Samuel Pickering
Teacher, writer and model for "The Dead Poets Society"

Edward Fiske
New York Times Education Editor

Theodore Sizer
Author and national commentator on education issues


Interested in Other Public Forums?

The Foundation is looking for a volunteer to chair the Public Forums Committee to re-institute annual or semi-annual Foundation sponsored programs. If you'd like to help continue the Foundation's tradition of bringing nationally acclaimed education authorities to the Bangor community, and have energy and time to donate, please call (207) 947-1633.

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